Printed Circuit: 2018

Hi there.
Printed Circuit is back after a 7 year break.
I’ve got one new finished song to share in July.
If you liked Printed Circuit around 2008-onwards, you’ll like this song as well.
In order to save my sanity and make this viable, I have started a Patreon, after a bit of nudging.
You can hear all new songs for $1 per song. (This is about the same amount that it would cost to download a song from Bandcamp.)
It’s not a monthly fee.
You will also get advance notice of things.
If you like, you can pay more per song. You’ll get more stuff if you pay more. For example, $3 gets you the demo as well. $4 gets you more mp3s from the archives.
A bonza $25 per song gets you a video explanation of how each song is put together. You will also find out what software I use, which I’ve always been pretty reluctant to talk about.
Videos and LPs will follow if this works out.
This website is just the start. I said I’d bring it back if I reached a goal for $20 or more. I didn’t expect to do that quite so quickly. I’ll make it better soon.
Thank you.