So Many Questions

Is Printed Circuit making new music?

Yes, through Patreon.

Patreon allows you to pledge money to your favourite creative people. You can pledge anything from $1+ per new Printed Circuit song.

(Note that you will pay per song. Some people set up their Patreon to take a monthly fee — this is not how the Printed Circuit one works. If nothing is released, you won’t pay. You will probably receive a new song every 1-2 months.)

You will also get the chance to access things like… new videos, production updates, behind the scenes videos, podcasts, and stems.

Will Printed Circuit make more records?

There are plans for a 7″ and a 12″ if there is demand for it.

Will Printed Circuit make more videos?

Yes, there is some news on Patreon about this.

Will Printed Circuit make more t-shirts etc?

Yes, soon.

Will Printed Circuit play more gigs?

Not right now.

Do you make circuit boards?