Records and more in the shop

I’ve just got the shop back online. The prices are a little wacky because I’ve not figured out how the shipping calculator works yet, so I’ve listed everything including worldwide shipping for now.¬†However, this shows you, more or less, what is available from me at the minute, except for shirts which I’m still sorting through.

The prices will be revised down a little to account for postage costs as soon as I get a chance to do that.

New merch¬†to follow… if you want it?

Printed Circuit merch store relaunch

Last night, I reached the second goal on Patreon: relaunching the merch store on this site.

I’ll get everything catalogued over the next couple of weeks and will relaunch the store ASAP, hopefully with new stuff too.

Patrons: I’ve also just revealed the name of the first song of 2018 over on Patreon Lens (it’s like Stories on Instagram).

For the next couple of days, I will be taking a break from the song to give my ears a rest… more news about the merch as soon as I get chance!