Song for Europe Out Today on Patreon

Song for Europe is now available via the Patreon site for anyone pledging $1 or more per creation.

Special thanks to Gary Partington, Andrew Denyes, James Bailey, Billy Pollard, Rob Lacey, and Pascal Vivant. The artwork you see above is by Pstl Cstl and is from the forthcoming video.

Bandcamp purchases will follow if you aren’t keen on Patreon.

If you are a Patreon supporter, you’re probably wondering where your extra songs and goodies are. They’ll all be sent out at 9pm BST today, except for the making-of video which will be available over the weekend.

Thank you for your super positive comments so far. Releasing music after 7 years is a surprisingly nervy business.

If you are a writer, DJ, etc, and you want to hear it, let me know via a comment or through the contact form on this website.

You may also like to know that my merch store is online and fully functional. Hop to it via the link in the menu above.


Printed Circuit: 2018

Hi there.
Printed Circuit is back after a 7 year break.
I’ve got one new finished song to share in July.
If you liked Printed Circuit around 2008-onwards, you’ll like this song as well.
In order to save my sanity and make this viable, I have started a Patreon, after a bit of nudging.
You can hear all new songs for $1 per song. (This is about the same amount that it would cost to download a song from Bandcamp.)
It’s not a monthly fee.
You will also get advance notice of things.
If you like, you can pay more per song. You’ll get more stuff if you pay more. For example, $3 gets you the demo as well. $4 gets you more mp3s from the archives.
A bonza $25 per song gets you a video explanation of how each song is put together. You will also find out what software I use, which I’ve always been pretty reluctant to talk about.
Videos and LPs will follow if this works out.
This website is just the start. I said I’d bring it back if I reached a goal for $20 or more. I didn’t expect to do that quite so quickly. I’ll make it better soon.
Thank you.